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Work in a Resort.
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A New Style of Workation by Social Apartment


Meet New Friends
While Working
in Paradise!

A workation project produced by Global Agents, known for managing social apartments and hotels.

Remote working at a resort is something everyone dreams of, but doing it alone can end up feeling lonely… This tour-based workation addresses those concerns.

Experience an extraordinary week where you can enjoy work, play, and networking without any compromises.

A workation project produced by Global Agents, known for managing social apartments and hotels.

Remote working at a resort is something everyone dreams of, but doing it alone can end up feeling lonely… This tour-based workation addresses those concerns.

Experience an extraordinary week where you can enjoy work, play, and networking without any compromises.


Features of Social Workation

Feature 01.

The No.1 Workation Destination!

Work in Japan's most popular destination!
Enjoy the exceptional resort atmosphere with the ocean right in front of you.

Feature 02.

Enjoy a Vibrant Social Environment!

Recreating the iconic lounge of our Social Apartments within the hotel. This space is available 24/7 for free use, fostering participant communication. Experience a daily drama-like routine that goes beyond solitary stays.

Feature 03.

Guided Experience
Easy to Connect with Others!

Joining an established community can sometimes feel a bit intimidating. Our program starts together as a guided tour, so everyone begins with introductions. This allows each participant to enjoy the relaxed initiation of community building.

Feature 04.

Enjoy hotel-exclusive
amenities and services!

Unlike typical residential subscriptions that focus on standalone houses, our hotel offers rooms equipped with kitchen facilities and desks. Guests can enjoy hotel services and amenities, ensuring a more enriching stay. With around 15 participants, there’s also a broader networking opportunity.

Feature 05.

Flexible scheduling options

Our one-week plan caters to those who find a few days insufficient but struggle with longer stays of 3 weeks to 1 month. It allows for a balanced adjustment of in-person appointments across consecutive weeks, making workation achievable without strain.


Your Adventure Begins Here


Orientation begins at 6:00 PM on the first day, so please check in before then. Until orientation, feel free to relax in your room, explore the city, or gather food supplies as you wish.

Orientation &

We’ll cover house rules and facility usage in the common areas. Afterward, join us for an icebreaker event with dinner and drinks. It’s the beginning of a week-long workation where everyone starts with introductions!

DAY 2〜
Work remotely at your own pace

From day two onwards, enjoy flexible scheduling. Work remotely in your preferred style, whether in your room, the lounge, or outdoors.

Head to the sea during your free time!

Only a 15-minute walk to the nearby Naminoue Beach! You can refresh at the beach in just an hour! There’s also a car-sharing station behind the hotel, offering even more options to explore.

At night, enjoy meals in the lounge
with friends or go out together

Join the party at the exclusive Community Lounge, where tour participants can casually gather. With a self-service kitchen, it’s the perfect place to cook, share, and unwind together.

Farewell to your week-long companions

Checkout is at 10 AM on the final day. After that, it’s time to part ways locally. We can also hold your luggage temporarily after checkout.

Stay connected with tour companions
event after the tour.

Afterward, participants return to their daily routines, quickly catching up on work and experiencing the effectiveness of remote work! It’s great to stay connected with friends you spent a whole week with through SNS.


Hotel Workspaces

community lounge


A space that could be considered the epitome of Social Apartments, exclusively available to participants of this tour. Here, you can relax and work while chatting with friends, taking breaks to cook in the kitchen.


You'll find two private booths equipped for online meetings. Each desk is placed separately, providing an environment conducive to long hours of focused work.


You can also work in the 1st-floor lounge, which doubles as a restaurant and bar. It’s a perfect spot for those who prefer to work in a lively café-like atmosphere with background chatter.


A refreshing space surrounded by greenery adjacent to the 1st-floor lounge. With WiFi available, working on the terrace on sunny days is highly recommended.


The room is compact at 12 square meters but features a large desk for work. It includes a unit bath and a 120cm wide semi-double bed.

community lounge

Make Your Dream Okinawa Workation a Reality

Make Your Dream
Okinawa Workation a Reality

The package includes the following benefits:

2 Breakfasts

Icebreaker Event on the First Day
(Incl. Dinner with All-You-Can-Drink)

*The displayed prices include tax.
*Transportation expenses are to be arranged and covered by each individual.

Tour Dates

Regular tour schedule

Held weekly according to the following cycle:

Check-in on Sunday at 3:00 PM and check-out the following Sunday at 10:00 AM.

What's Included

The following are included in the package.

- Accommodation costs during the period
- Dinner with All-You-Can-Drink for the icebreaker event on the first day
- Room amenities
- Complimentary beers served daily during your stay
- Two breakfast vouchers valid on any two days of your stay
- Room cleaning will be conducted once during your stay

* Please notify the front desk anytime for towel or trash exchange.
* Additional room cleaning is available for a fee (¥1,000 per cleaning incl. tax).

List of Amenities

Free & paid items


High-speed WiFi, Blanket, Heater, Electric kettle, Plates, Cutlery, Extension cord, Portable charger, Complimentary drink, Roomwear, Toothbrush, Cotton swabs, Razor, Hairbrush, Earplugs, Shower cap, Paper cups, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Hand soap, Towels, Slippers.

* Additional amenities or towels are limited to one set per person per day.


PC Monitor, Skincare set, Neck massager, Aroma stone, Drip coffee, etc.


TV, Refrigerator, Clothes rack, Desk with lamp, Centralized air conditioning, Hair dryer.


Welcome to


2-3-11 Matsuyama, Naha-shi, Okinawa

National Highway Route 58

5-min walk from Yui Rail - Miebashi Station
6-min walk from Tomari Wharf Terminal
10-min by car from Naha Airport


2 Chome-3-11 Matsuyama, Naha, Okinawa 900-0032

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Linens and amenities are provided in each room, and simple cooking utensils are available in the shared kitchen. Feel free to bring anything you might consider necessary to make your stay more comfortable.

Here are some feedbacks we received from our previous tour participants:
- There is a beach within walking distance, so you can go straight to the beach with your swimsuit and rash guard! Outdoor enthusiasts may want to bring long-sleeved clothes and sunscreen. (You can also buy sunscreen nearby...).
- We recommend that you bring your own tumbler as there is a water server in the hotel that can be used freely.

A: No one is allowed to join the tour after it has started, except for special circumstances. Please call the hotel if you think you will not make it on time.

If you would like to make reservations for the nights before or after your tour dates, please make your arrangements through the hotel's website. If you contact us in advance, we will arrange for you to stay in the same room.

A: It is possible, although it will change the plan's structure. You can either book directly with the hotel or make your arrangements directly at the front desk.

A: On the first day, there will be a general orientation from 6:00 p.m. Please check in by then. Until the orientation, you are free to spend time in your room, wander around town, get groceries, etc.

A: Yes, it is possible. We can receive your luggage a week before your scheduled arrival date. *Please indicate the reservation name and check-in date on the slip.

A: There is a coin-operated laundry in the facility. (Laundry: 200 yen/time, Dryer: 100 yen/20 minutes) Please ask at the front desk for detergent or currency exchange.

A: There are several convenience stores and a supermarket (Maxvalu) within a 3-minute walk. There is also a local supermarket (Union) within a 10-minute walk. Both are open 24 hours.

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